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 HKR Series Electric Heat Kits

HKR-05 5 kW Electric Heat Kit (Variable Speed) 30 amp Circuit Breaker$59.00
HKR-08 8 kW Electric Heat Kit (Variable Speed)40 amp Circuit Breaker$69.00
HKR-10 10 kW Electric Heat Kit (Variable Speed)60 amp Circuit Breaker$79.00
HKR-15 15 kW Electric Heat Kit (Variable Speed)60/30 amp Circuit Breakers$110.00
HKR-20C 20 kW Electric Heat Kit (Variable Speed) 60/60 amp Circuit Breakers$129.00

HKSX-05 5 kW Electric Heat Kit (Standard Unit) $59.90
HKSC-088kW Series Electric Heat Kit (Standard Unit)40 amp Circuit Breaker$90.09
HKSC-10 10 kW Electric Heat Kit (Standard Unit)60 amp Circuit Breaker$94.75
HKSC-15 15 kW Electric Heat Kit (Standard Unit)60/30 amp Circuit Breakers$158.95
HKSC-20 20 kW Electric Heat Kit (Standard Unit) 60/60 amp Circuit Breakers$180.32

Product Features
  • Controlled by sequencers for better temperature control
  • Multiple branch circuit capability
  • Completely assembled and tested
  • Control circuit arranged to readily permit staging
  • Factory-installed disconnect available on specific models (see electrical data)
  • Fuse link secondary high-temperature limit control
  • Plug-in wiring harness for ease on installation into air handler
  • Rust-resistant nickel chromium heat elements
  • ETL listed